Schefflera Compacta

Name - Scheffler (Schefflera)
Family - Araliaceae
Motherland - Australia and Oceania
Rhode Scheffler (Schefflera) comprises about 200 species of evergreen trees and shrubs, but grow only a few of them. Often cultivated Scheffler vosmilistochkovuyu (Schefflera octophylla) and its varieties. The well-known member of the genus - Scheffler tree or tree geptapleurum (S. arbcricola), which is in a natural habitat grows as a shrub or vine It has a size more suitable for rooms than the first type, in addition, almost vetzitsya, and its top can be prischipnut . There are different varieties with multiple leaves (cutting, with yellow and white spots, and so on. N.). Scheffler luchelistnaya (S. actino-phylla) - shrub that when grown in a pot reaches 2-2.5 m in height; under estestvechnogo habitat -12m It produces beautiful large leaves of glossy leathery leaves obalno-prodochgovatyh collected from 3 to 15-15 pieces. Small red flowers (on cultural counterparts are usually not the case) - in the ear. Scheffler palmate (S. digitata) - a shrub with compound leaves consisting of 10 sedentary (grow directly from the central axis) oblong leaflets. In place of greenish flowers are formed dark berries. In various commercially available compact varieties with more or less variegated leaves


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